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Poultry industry in Nepal accounts for more than 3.5% of the gross domestic product (GDP) and grows by 17-18% annually (Food and Agricultural Organization, 2014). Advances made in development of feed and technologies for slaughter and processing, along with increased efficiency and safety of poultry production has favored significant rise in demand for poultry as more than 150,000 kg of chicken is consumed per day in Nepal. Subsequently, increased production leads to challenges in biosecurity, disease surveillance and management as well as ensuring food security. It is also imperative to manage diseases like Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease as they extensively hinder poultry production in Nepal. This document will focus on Newcastle Disease.

This document serves as a concept paper to organize a workshop and conference to bring together stakeholders from various organizations involved from production till consumption of poultry-related products. Expert insights from vaccine manufacturers, government health officials, poultry farmers and distributors, veterinarians, researchers, and international organizations would provide a unique perspective into the current state of the poultry industry in Nepal and its current advances as well as limitations. Moreover, it would provide farm owners access to substantial knowledge regarding poultry health and products to ensure viability of their chickens that they would not get elsewhere.