Biovac Product

Biovac's I-2 Newcastle Disease (NDV) vaccine (RaniGoldhunga) was developed for local/ regional production and use in order to control NDV in places where cold-chain is not reliable. The I-2 NDV vaccine is a thermo-stable product that remains effective for up to 30 days of storage at room temperature. This allows transport and distribution to local and commercial farms, where cold-chain is not available: an imperative first step to improve the production of chicken and eggs by households and small farmers, thereby contributing to food security, nutrition and livelihoods. The NDV I2 vaccine is live, thermo-tolerant, avirulent for chickens, provokes an antibody response similar to that achieved with NDV4-HR, grows to high titre in the allantoic cavity of embryonating eggs, does not harm chicken embryos inoculated via the allantoic cavity, and is free from extraneous viruses, and bacterial and fungal contamination through rigorous QC and QA. RaniGoldhunga will mark a profound impact to small-holder poultry farmers, concomitant with excellent results from our pre-clinical, clinical, challenge and safety trials. An efficacy of 88.75% and 87.55% were demonstrated by our lyophilized and liquid formulations respectively.