Mobile Application for customer service


Intrepid Geoinformatics Pvt. Ltd. is currently developing an online database system and mobile apps for BIOVAC Nepal for managing Poultry Health Services and Poultry Value Chain connection.

The purpose of the system is to facilitate record-keeping of necessary information related to BIOVAC customers as well as their veterinary service needs. The mobile app will facilitate a direct connection between farmers and BIOVAC, and facilitate its VET doctors to locate customer address and record "On-field" diagnosis details.

The product will be delivered as

  1. Online Web Database integrated with "" as a customized service for Veterinary Service management

  2. Veterinary's App for recording service details

  3. Farmer's App for accessing BIOVAC services and viewing  service details


With these innovative mobile apps, the difficulty the farmers are having to access quality poultry diagnostic services will be remarkably minimized.