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Newcastle disease is a major constraint to indigenous chicken productivity in Nepal and often causes 80-100% mortality in unvaccinated flocks. Outbreaks of Newcastle disease (ND) are unpredictable in many parts of the country and often discourage farmers from investing in the management and welfare of rural chicken.

Commercially available vaccines for the control of ND are effective but require a cold chain during storage and transportation to end-users. The search for a vaccine appropriate for the Nepalese indigenous chicken production system, which is easy to distribute and administer in a rural set-up was thus necessary.

I-2 strain of the NewCastle Disease virus not only has the potential to provide protection against local virulent strains of the ND virus but is also thermostable. We at Biovac Nepal use the I-2 strain ND virus received from University of Queensland to amplify it in eggs from a Specific pathogen-free flock and maintain the required titer that produces immunity in chickens against all other ND strains. The vaccine is rigorously tested for safety and freedom from bacterial contamination.